Friday, November 02, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Is this what your report-card has to say ? An angry John slammed the door behind, as his son Paul lay busy with his video-game. Get me a cup of coffee, honey. Inside the room, Miley was inconsolable, Her face was completely blank, expressionless, as was her body, motionless. I could have never imagined in wildest of my dreams that my son will do acts of this kind.
What has he done ??
You don't know.
No, I don't. How would I know ?? John asked with a bewildered look on his face.
No different. After all, he is your son, is not he ??
What ?? John almost fell off his chair.
Oh My God, does he even know, what he has done.
By now, John's tone was soon becoming that of an anxious father, worried about his children's future.
Don't worry, I will speak to Paul, John said with a concerned voice.
Who are you to give moral lecture to my son ?? Miley's voice suddenly changed to that of a roaring lioness. Remember your late-night meetings and your busy schedule with your associates. But, you are an adult, you can get away with all that, but not Paul. He is only 15, he is still a bloody minor. We are paying for your sins. Go hang your head in shame. John kept starting at the tiles with his head bowed.
There is still hope, we will talk to Paul. We will solve it John, just like those issues. As they opened the door, they found Paul eavesdropping on their conversation. Papa, you are a cheat. Mummy loved you so much and you did this to mamma. Shame on you. "Like Father Like Son", Paul said unabashedly. The chandelier in the room was still emitting pale light.

PS: This was an exercise on dialogue-writing, where A and B had to talk about a taboo thing their relative C has done/gone through and they themselves have had issues of similar kind in the past.

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