Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sick Of Being Sick

One of the major problem with being sick is that people around you will make you feel more sick by giving sickening advises. Almost every Tom Dick and Harry has an opinion or two about your sickness. Opinions or should I say root-cause-analysis of your diseases, down to minute details.

Here are some of them, that I have been suggested rather bombarded with

o I know why you have been suffering from this disease..See your life-style, Man. You wake up at 10, go to bed at 2..what is this ?? (I suppose he himself follows a similar routine, but he still manages to find fault with this routine. Someone should inform him that you should only preach, what you practice !!

o Look at your job profile, man..You job is mostly a passive assignment, sitting in the same position almost throughout the day, with absolutely no physical activity.. You should join some Gym or some exercising club, where they would teach you, how to build strong biceps and muscle (I am not sure, what I am going to do with these n-pack abs). My friend gives these (un)friendly advices with full knowledge that I have been suffering from a muscle-disease for about 1 and 1/2 months, due to which I can't even hold a water-bottle with my right hand !! So how on earth, I was going to do weight-lifting !!

o Stop taking tea...Tea is the root-cause of all diseases. Look at me, I used to take tea and as a result, I used to suffer from lot of problems(Somewhat curiously he couldn't remember any of them !!). Now that I have stopped it, all those problems are done. Later on, I came to know that he had moved on beyond tea and started gulping coffee !!

o Try Yoga man..Based on my personal experiences, all vein related problems can surely be cured by Baba Ramdev's yoga...Yesterday, I saw it live on Astha Channel, how he miraculously cured an 80 years old lady, who was unable to move he hand. Just search it on YouTube and you will see. I promptly searched on YouTube and couldn't find any such video. Had this alleged miracle happened,It would have been surely there !!

o Take cold milk, man. Give it a try, you will not regret it. My friend went on claiming that when he was suffering from a bout of peptic ulcer, cold-milk, not real medicines, is what cured him. So this will help you recover from your your disease as well(BTW, I have been advised by my doctor to stay low on protein !!)

o Try some other alternatives like Ayurveda or Homeopathy or even Unanii. Take my words, these methods work, even when all else(read Allopathy) fails !! Just give it a shot, Man. Who knows, you may get cured.

And the list goes on and on.... I have almost lost count of them..I thought for a while and realized that when God decided to provide two ears to Humans, he surely made accommodation for such cases. So I started following the formula In One Ear Out the Other :-)

PS: Finally my orthopedician@Manipal Hospitals were able to diagnose my disease (it turns out to be Tenosynovitis). They figured out a way and after being bed-ridden for close to 2 weeks, now I am on my way to complete recovery, even without these aforementioned "friendly advices" !!