Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Unanswered Myths

Mom, you are so boring. Get a life. Don't sleep with your head facing north. Don't eat facing west. Don't wash your hands in plate after a meal. If you fast on this day, you will go to heaven. If you do this, you will go to hell. You shouldn't travel south on Thursdays. I am sick and tired of it. Who created these mindless rules that we mortals are supposed to follow ?? How does it matter to us ?? A 10-year old kid complained, treating his mother's advice with disdain.
It matters my son, it matters, a concerned mother echoed her sentiments.
How ??
Remember, I told you some time ago. There is a reasoning behind everything.
What reasoning ??
You know, these rules were not created yesterday, they have been in existence since eternity. Before you know the history behind these rules, you would also have to know how we human beings were created. Shall I start ??
Sure, the kid nodded his head in acceptance.
These rules were prevalent among Gods as well. At one point, the almighty wanted to teach offenders a lesson. So he sent the most erring god to rot as human being on earth. Back then, there was no soil, no water, no aid, not trees, not even air.
Then ?? The excitement was slowly building in kid's eyes.
Nothing. The lone God on earth felt insulted at his eviction, but took it into his stride and started creating a parallel universe, a world of his own. He used his super-natural powers for all this. He created trees, so that we could find shelter underneath. He created air, so that we could breathe. He created soil, so that we could cultivate it and grow food for ourselves. He created these rivers and oceans, so that we could get water. He created those birds, so that we could hear them chirp. That's how our surroundings were formed.
How did we came into existence, Mom ??
After the lone god on earth spent nearly a million years and used up most of his powers, the almighty finally decides to forgive him. So he ordered him to come back to heavens. The god on earth refused almighty's request. He didn't want to leave the earth and the world, created by him. Was he homesick ?? Perhaps. This angered the almighty a great deal and he took away all his powers and cursed him to become a mortal and rot on earth forever, all alone. That's how we human beings came into existence, got it ??
Yes, But how one turned into a billion, mom ??
Before the almighty cursed him, he granted him a final wish. You know, what did he ask ??
What ??
He asked for a soul-mate, somebody he can share his feelings with, somebody he can co-exist with. Almighty had no choice, but to grant him his final wish. They made love and ended up being our ancestors.
OK, I got it, how we came into existence. But, you still have not answered my question. Who created these damn rules, who ??
Humans like you and me, who else ??

PS: This was an exercise on creation mythology and I chose to give it a contemporary touch :-)

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