Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Dance

This is a story during one of 1st year freshers' parties in one of Bangalore's prominent colleges. Hope no authorities are reading this, I may end up being behind bars (After all Ragging n Freshers' Parties are all banned and in Supreme Court's eye, even non-bailable offences, warranting at least a hefty fine, if not college expulsion)

A freshers' party is being planned in one of bangalore most-flavoured pubs. Tickets are already been booked(Juniors don't even have a clue about this party). Seniors have already emptied their pockets shelling out money for these tickets. Now the only thing they need to do is push their favourate juniors to come to the party(mind you its going to be a dutch affair), so they not only have to persuade the junior to join the party, but also have to get them pay the amount of money for their entry-fee. Here is one such conversation straight out of a junior-hostel-room

Rancho: Hey you know, we have organized a freshers' party for you and your entire batch is coming(plain lie, even he knows only 100 tickets have been booked and needless to say, batch strength is way more than 100). So you need to be there.

Shashtri: But sir, we have classes every day.

Rancho: I knew it, you Moron. You people will make an excuse out of it, not to come to party. So we have organized it on Saturday evening. Anyway you will be having classes only till 1 pm and party starts in the evening.

Shashtri: Ok, fine..but what will I do sir ??

Rancho: Do whatever you feel like doing...No stopping...booze,eat,dance,masti... what else you want from a party ?? Fosters,Vodka, Rum..You name it and it will be made available..You have chicken, prawn, fish, mutton everything you want..Plus the DJ is very good, haven't you heard of this fellow Salman..He is too good a DJ (I am sure even Rancho would have heard this name for the first time in his life, but only God know, how he got to know about this DJ being " too good").. Drinks will be made absolutely free of cost and that too unlimited..what else you need, Dude ??

Shashtri: But sir, I don't drink..Why should I go ??

Rancho(somewhat disappointed):
Ok, I understand you don't drink. But you can have chickens and prawns.. Haven't you heard of this restaurant' recipes. Almost every bangalorean knows about it.

Shashtri: Ok agreed sir, I would have loved being there trying out these non-veg dishes, but unfortunately I don't non-veg on Saturday.. Its against our rituals and dharma.

Rancho:(seemingly frustated with the excuse-list gradually piling up) Don't worry, if you can't eat non-veg. You can still try vegetable dishes.I am sure you will love vegeterian dishes there..Its veg dishes are famous all over bangalore (Rancho himself is a non-vegeterian and he never had these so-called famous veg-dishes even once !!, but he still tries his level best selling it to his Junior)..

Shashtri: Sorry sir, there is no point in going there.. I will be plainly bored being there (In his eyes, he seems to have been convinced Rancho that its worthless for him being in the party) I won't drink nor I can eat non-veg on Saturday..

Rancho: (almost angry and at the same time helpless)
Are you sure, you don't want to come ??

Shashtri: Yes, sir.. (You could see the grin on his face, only if he could remember the Ragging-time fundae that Senior is always right and above you and its impossible to put them down)..Poor chap..

Rancho(here comes the master-stroke):
But you can at least dance on Saturday, Right ?? Its not against any (damn) ritual or Dharma ?? (you could sense the winning smile on this face)

Shashtri, seeming flattened by this knock-out punch from his Senior, is left completely speechless. Unfortunately he has no more arguments to support his cause..He had lost this war of words..

He has no option but to accept the invitation and pay Rancho the entry-fee. Rancho pats him on the back and says: Do come for the party, you will enjoy like never before (I really doubt, if he really meant those words..Now that he has sold the ticket, he can rest in peace, right ?? After all, he has recovered the amount, he had spent..Who cares, whether Shashtrij is coming to the party or not ??)

Two days later, Shashtri turns up for the party, all geared up to extract full-value out of his entry-fees. He drinks more than any one else and also went against his rituals and consumed so much chicken on D-day that even after a week, people could smell chicken in hostel-toilets !!