Monday, April 06, 2009

Hello World from WordPress

Here comes my first blog on Wordpress. And Wordpress has been smart enough to name my first posting as 'Hello World' just like any programming language has been naming(and will alwaye be doing so in future) its first program as helloworld !! No wonder, WordPress is proclaimed to be better than its rival BlogSpot by its ardent fans all over the world, I am yet to verify those claims though !!

Although I am not new to blogging, having been the owner of a blog which has witnessed some not-so-bad writings from me over past 4 years, albeit in a stop-start fashion. Ever since I turned Pro after graduating from one of India's premier colleges IIT Kharagpur with a B.Tech(H) from Computer Science and Engg, I have been fascinated towards English-writings, more so towards anything Angrezi. This has more to do with the fact that I did virtually nothing when it came to enhancing my language-credentials during my 4 years long-stay in IIT campus. But due to my lethargy (They mayn't accept it openly, but all software engineers are lazy by default, probably justifying an old proverb "one of programer's virtue is laziness") I have not been able to do so on a consistent basis. But If you still find enough reasons to be interested in my bits-and-pieces posts, you can always find them @

A word of Caution: Please lower your expectations to rock-bottom, you may very well feel disappointed after paying a visit to my blog, which in my humble opinion, can be classified along side some of average blog-postings you will find almost anywhere on the web writings. You may be one of those who beg to differ, but probably my magnum-opus (so far) has been (I am sure this post will form an interesting read for you. If not, I am more than just willing to receive those brickbats of yours. Feel free to shout and voice your opinions by providing appropriate comments !!)

Although after spending 4 and half years in India's golden-goose flagship software industry, I would be the first one to admit (I am sure there are many more in my friend-circle and my relatives alike who also feel the same way) that I have failed to justify my talents especially after being allowed to function as a one-man-army at my work, as opposed to one-amongst-the-few pawns in a big-team. Being dubbed as an IITian and that too from computer science stream, has already handed me over a distinct advantage over my contemporaries, but I have failed to make the most of opportunities that have landed my way and trust me they were aplenty.

As Kishore Biyani, the undisputed Raja of India's Organized Retail Revolution, rightly puts it in his book ''It Happened In India'" , An opportunity that knocks at your door, may not be there forever and by the time you pull up your socks and set out to chase your dreams, time may very well have turned its tide !! Well as they say, its never too late for anything, but only time will tell whether I have already missed the train to my success !!

PS: This is my first blog on WordPress :-)

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