Friday, March 13, 2009

In Memory Of My Mitra Akhil

Pappa, Pappa. See, I have written a small story, said a kid, about 6-7 year old, so excited at his work, that he is almost shouting, as if he made a discovery of 'Eureka Proportion'

Father replied with a cheering tone, Good, very good !!

Don't you want me to read out its content ?? Kid asks his father

Which language its written in, he asks, seemingly unconcerned about the content

Its written in Hindi Pappa, came the reply.

Hindi !! exclaimed the father. As he starts developing 'that' heavy-headed-feeling, he goes down on his knees, holding his head with both his hands.

What happened Pappa, Anything wrong ?? Are you not feeling well ?? A somewhat worried kid rushes to his father.

As he hugs his son, father says, No, no, I am OK, son. But I am having headache because of your writings. Can't you write in any language other than Hindi,Son ?? Don't you know about the current state of our "Mother-Tongue" Hindi in our own country ?? Do you still want to lead a miserable life of a hindi poet/writer just like Varmajee, BuchhiBabu and SinhaSahab did, after endorsing Hindi all their lives.

PS: This is a shameless ripoff of a similar story originally written in Maithili by one of my true friends, Akhil Anand aka Praveenjee. Just substitute Hindi in place of English and Maithili in place of Hindi, you almost have his version. I remember his story bit-by-bit, even though more than a decade has passed by since I last met him. So no credit to me for this blog, please, except for the translation-part !!

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