Sunday, April 19, 2009

Overdose Of Reality

Of late, I have been going through what can rightfully be termed as an "Overdose of Reality", Coming to terms with the fact how harsh the outside world can be and it indeed is. But I must thank my stars and above all almighty that I got it at probably the most opportune moment. When I was down and out - down with a severely torn ligament and out of action for close to a month already having had my left leg plastered.

Well, down-and-out I may be, agreed, I have no hesitation in admitting that I needed a kick up my arse very badly, probably one of a KO punch proportion and precisely that's what I have got :)

As Steve Jobs rightly puts it across in one of his interviews, post his ignominious exit from Apple, the very company he founded in a garage with few of his college-friends, in one of his unauthorized auto-biography "iCon" - "Sometimes you don't get what you want, you only get what you need" and believe me that's exactly what has happened with me too !! So probably I shouldn't feel too disheartened with all these happenings surrounding me.

After all Steve Jobs himself has gone through it and didn't he came back with a vengeance in a brilliant second-act in business-world, witnessed once-in-a-generation ?? I sure can weather this storm and come out of it with flying colour with my self-image enhanced and an increased focus towards my personal and professional life and most importantly moving towards fulfilling all my long-cherished dreams, which have not quite turned into nightmares yet(Touch Wood !!).

So no complains, only a note of Thanks. Thanks to all, who "helped" me during this tough time of mine. Thanks to all who made me realize that I was leading a rudderless life, aimlessly drifting every now and then and willing to buck to any pressure almost at-the-drop-of-a-hat and not-at-all willing to come out of my comfort-zone.O Lord, please bestow your blessings, in whatever way you can, onto all those individuals, who have helped me realize my self which is worth much-more than what my current belief stands at and helped me come out of a situation where I was sitting pretty on my past laurels, complacent with my current position being comfortably placed in a Fortune-100 Company (This company at-times may put government-offices to shame when it comes to work by few of its not-so-productive-yet-thriving employees)

This episode has further strengthened my belief in God and more so in Geeta, as one of Geeta's verse says "Whatever happens to you is not without a strong reason and God doesn't do anything with anyone unknowingly"

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