Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

As Raj got down from the general compartment of the local train, he hardly noticed any changes to the railway-station, he had last seen nearly 25 years ago. As he prepared himself to incline his trolley so that it could stroll along, suddenly a 10-12 years old child came and with a pleading tone said "Aap kasht kyon karte hain Malik , Hum hain naa". This was Mohan, son of Gopi, with whom Raj had spent his entire childhood with. Gopi's father used to ferry Raj's parents and grandparents, now it was Gopi's son's turn to ferry Raj's children, even though Mohan himself was not much older than Raj's kids. As Raj looked around, he noticed the same set of sweet shops, with the number of flies comfortably outnumbering the number of sweets, same set of tea-stalls, except for a new whitewash and some new brands of packages water and namkins. Some children in their early teens were still roaming naked, playing around the discarded station-building and rail tracks.

As Raj made his way through the station on a hand-pulled rickshaw pulled by a minor, he wondered : Though the world continues progressing, the law of natural progression seems to have deserted this village. The village almost defies the law of nature. Who is responsible ?? He murmured. Deep down, he knew the answer, but he was too ashamed and frightened to admit it.

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