Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joke Of The Day

Thought(read Joke) of the day :)

Corruption in judiciary 'minuscule': CJI

I am sure he is living in a fools' paradise(now that he is retiring, he can probably afford to do so and be ignorant of the underlying hole, entire judiciary process finds itself in). In my humble opinion he could very well be fooling the people of this country, when he says that corruption in judiciary is minuscule.

Look at the way, they allowed Reddy Brothers to get away with their misdoings, even though it was obvious to one and every body that they were involved in illegal mining operations. You yourself are part of jury, who granted the exemption, Sir.

The apex court, however, clarified that
Mining operations by OMC should be carried out only in the undisputed area of the lease granted by the Karnataka government and would have to be stopped if the Survey of India says so.

This makes me laugh even more, because who on earth is going to monitor, what part of land they are going to mine ?? When state borders are non-existent, who will keep a tab on them ?? Won't it be just the same, as it used to be ?? Bottom-line is Reddy brothers have just got away with their sin and as a matter-of-fact got an endorsement of sorts from Apex court, so that they can hold a "press-conference" to claim that they have been vindicated by this Apex court judgement and it was nothing but a "political-conspiracy" to defame them !!

CJI himself has not come clean on cash-at-door scam and one wonders how on earth he allowed Nirmal Yadav to get away with her misdoings. How about Justice Dinakaran, who has amassed millions, if not billions, worth of illegal property. Any comments except for withdrawing his nomination ?? Who recommended his name for elevation in the first place ?? How about Justice Ajit Prakash ?? Any idea, why he warmed the benches forever, but never made it to Supreme Court, despite being one of the finest judges in the country ?? And eventually he retired on 20th Feb after being denied elevation to the apex court. Many eminent jurists had forwarded his name for elevation to the Supreme Court, but the deciding collegium was not moved, I wonder why ?? May be you had a personal score to settle with him, as he was the one who passed landmark judgement of bringing your office under the Right to Information Act.

No one is going to miss you Sir, you were past of the judiciary panel that passed the so-called landmark OBC reservation bill, creating a ruckus in the society to somehow belong to OBC/SC-ST category by hook-or-crook (Gujjar community is just one of the examples). When you yourself are hell-bent on implementing reservation, who are we to blame politicians, who talk of reservation almost@ drop of a hat. You only instruct them to follow your guidelines of not crossing the 50% barrier while implementing reservations.. That too has been violated in various states(tamil nadu being one of them) . When you reign supreme(or rather claim to be) why can't you preserve your own dignity ?? By passing this reservation act,You have not only given an ammunition in people'(read politicians) hands but also set a dangerous precedent , which tells politicians that go ahead with your quota/reservation bills, when appeal reached us, we will pass it in the name of social-equality and social justice... Coming up next will be minority-reservations, So your services will again be sought-over,Sir. But I am glad that you would not be around by then :)

And let me put it to you very bluntly, you can't defend yourself behind this argument of restricting reservation only to persons who are not belonging to creamy-layer. I used to have a friend in IIT(lost touch with him after coming to Bangalore, but I can still claim to be his friend any day), whose father used to own 2-3 cinema halls and many shops in Calcutta and yet he didn't belong to creamy-layer !! Well, I have also heard from unreliable sources that you are going to revise it from 1.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh. Well, when nearly 80 Percent of India lives On Half Dollar A Day, which translates to ~ 9K Rupees, yes nine thousand Rupees , Sir ?? How are you going to justify capping it to 4.5 lakh ?? Truth is only those communities, who are earning in upper-brackets can take (or rather already taking) advantage of reservation, rest all are as ignorant to it, as a software engineer,sitting in his A/C office sipping coffee in huge-gulps, is to a farmer suicide happening in Vidarbha !!

Went slightly off-topic. Can't help, reservation is one topic which is close to my heart, so no surprises there. Coming back to your interview, according to you
No politician would like to come and meet a judge because he would be in trouble if the judge exposes him.

Look at what Justice Murthy did ?? After creating a sensation of sorts by revealing how a union-minister called him up and tried talking to him(read bribing),Did he really "expose" any one ?? Does any one know, who the minister was ??(All media speculation points towards telecom minister A.Raja), but did he had the guts or will to come out in open and name the minister ?? Was he scared ?? If this is what you call an expose, then I am sure expose word will mean a somersault !!

You transferred Dinakaran to Sikkim high-court and Nirmal Yadav to Uttarakhand high-court ?? In stead of "transferring" judges, why can't you take stricter action ?? Don't blame corrupt politicians as to having an influence on judiciary process, the judiciary itself is clearly hand in gloves with them and then plays victim in front of Indian public, claiming it to be made of ice.

Good Joke CJI :) You just livened up the proceeding at my work-place. Had some real fun writing this blog in reaction to your confessions :)

PS: It all started with a comment-posting on the aforementioned ibnlive article, but for some reason, they refused to publish it. Although at the time of posting they had warned me "Comments will be published only after moderation", I didn't thought for a moment that my comments will go against the rules-n-regulations laid down by them. Anyway, no RTI can be employed here :) So can't say as to why they did that.

That's when I decided to pen down my thoughts in form a blog. I call it a rapid blog, as I penned it down in ~ 15-20 minutes :) Hope you enjoy reading it !!

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