Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joke Of The Day Continued ...

While the CJI was retiring on 12th May, finally admitting something inconvenient, we knew all along, after being in denial-mode throughout his stay, somewhere else, something significant was happening. In hot unforgiving summer in Bihar, justice was being delivered. Yes, Justice, albeit of a different kind.

Somebody, who has slogged tirelessly for past 25 years, not for money, but for pride, was duly rewarded, when he got promoted to the next level. It was not easy. He was arguably the most honest of all sarkari baboos. Being the only knowledgeable engineer at your work-place has its own share of troubles. He was always kept busy with all sorts of works that could be "expected" out of a honest government official.

At times, he loved all the attention he received, as his technical acumen was widely acknowledged and appreciated by all. But little did he knew that he was being forced into a honey-trap. While he worked as hard as he could, before his spinal chord deceived him, severely denting his productivity, not his intelligence though, his colleagues were busy buttering higher-echelon officials. He didn't know the dirty tricks that are so badly needed to grow in a government setup. He gave it all, he had, thinking that his due rewards will reach him sooner than later, but unfortunately it never reached. In stead, most of his colleagues, who used to get all things done in the name of friendship, leapfrogged him to higher ranks. And he was left with nothing, but what he was good at...Hard and Honest Work From A Government Official with 110% dedication !!

But then you can not delay the inevitable. After delaying his files for so-long, there came a moment of redemption, when saw a new commander-in-chief being installed at the helm of affairs. He was perhaps the only person, who thought of this engineer, as someone, who has been denied his due honours for so long and now was the time to restore parity. He instructed all the party involved(including the engineer himself), made sure his files got cleared in time with all his records updated favourably. So here we are, seeing this engineer as a Sub-Divisional-Office !!

My heartiest congratulations to this engineer, who has been a role-model, not just for me, but for an entire village. I am sure, there must have been many more engineers before and there will be many more like him in future, But he was, he still is and will always be remembered as Engineer Sahab aka Hakim. A rare talent, who was good at, almost everything he could lay his hands upon. A true genius...

PS: The aforementioned person, who got this well-deserved judgement after being denied justice for so long, is no one but my father Shree Bandhu Nath Jha !!

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