Tuesday, October 19, 2010

North India Vs South India

I just came across couple of interesting observations, made by few eminent personalities, regarding cultural habits prevalent in north India and south India.
  • Poor people in the north drink tea while poor people in the southern parts of India drink coffee.
  • Women in the northern parts of the country pierce the left side of their nose whereas women in the south pierce their right.
Who decided that things should be like this, I don't know, but it's like this, ever since I have woken up. I am sure there are many more such comparisons.But my intention is not to provide the seemingly exhaustive list of such comparisons. My goal is to pay tribute to the author of two books, that I recently went through !!

First one is noted by Aravind Adiga in his booker-prize winning master-piece "White Tiger" while the second point is made by Kishore Biyani in his somewhat unconventionally written autobiography of sorts "It Happened In India".

PS: Some of the readers of my blog have complained about the length of my blog-posts, so I have deliberately kept it short :-). Hope this makes them happy at least for the time-being ;-)

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