Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Taste of a South-Indian Cup of Tea

This piece is dedicated to few of the die-hard TEA-Fan Club members.Take for example mine...You can offer me a cup of tea anywhere anytime, I will gladly accept that. But the only condition is you can offer me either a good cup of tea and if not a good cup of tea then at least hot water will do (which I will be happy to take assuming that it will deliver some goods for my sore throat) but not a South-Indian Cup of TEA!!!!! You might have estimated the ammount of "love" I possess in my heart for the south-indian tea!!!! LOL...Guys,You come to south india to take a glimpse of the tea being served here.I bet You will forget how does a cup of tea taste like!!! You will even quit your habit of taking tea during your stay in south.....

My experience over here suggests that here in south india tea sounds more like a homogeneous mixture of water,milk,sugar,tea-powder, although sometimes they put ginger into it also..but you won't have anything on the TEA-part. I mean to call this so called homogeneous mixture as TEA will be an insult to the word TEA!!!! You take tea and such is the beauty of this south-indian tea that within a fraction of seconds u will come to know of all the constituent elements of tea!!!You will feel that Oh This is made up of Milk..Ok this contains water too....There we have sugar too and..and....finally tea powder too......Wowww grttt...but then this doesn't taste like a tea at all....this is real sh** man..What is this yaar.....This is tea man, tea..a typical south-indian cup of tea.....South Indian Tea...My a**....Finally u curse the person who "advised" you to order tea, pay the bill(which is not cheaper either by any standard but the quality is indeed pathetic to say the least) half-heartedly and decide not to take any more tea in future from a south-indian hotel!!!!! Guys i am telling you this is not a problem with south-indian hotels i have been to one of my friends' home there also the story was not much different....I asked what's wrong with the tea in south india the lady says like this There might be something wrong with the tea-powder being sold here in maket..Does that mean Lipton Tajmahal and all have a different-2 flavour for north-india and south-india!!! May be who knows....But after being to bangalore(which is also south only) i have successfully found out some places where you can hang-out and will get a grand cup of tea....No prize for guessing that these shops are owned by north-indians!!!!!!

I have even tried to prepare tea using the same south-indian tea-powder in my room..Believe me it is as tasteful as the one i used to get at my native place and at Chhedis (One of the most visited n highly adored hotels/dhabas in world!!!!!). Does that mean these south-indians don't know how to prapare a cup of tea?? I think we know the answer.

Disclaimer: This piece is meant only to hurt the individuals(who "may" be liking south-indian tea) especially the south-indian ones who may find ways to support "their" tea, but these opinions are solely mine(Although i can safely bet any north-indian tea-liking person presently staying in south india will give you more or less the same or may be an even worse :):) compliments). And if you don't feel getting hurt by the same while still being a south-indian(I think i am talking of a miracle) then feel free to give me the feedback regarding the south indian tea!!!!

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