Friday, April 22, 2005

Job Satisfaction

I usually talk with lots and lots of my friends regarding their job(more than their life) and somehow or the other I have a special penchant for knowing whether they are 'satisfied' with their job or not.So I thought why don't i share my 'experiences' regarding their job experiences!!
Here are few samples..

Hi Mr. M how are u doing in ur job.M says that as usual he is doing some sort of regress testing and some customer's case handling business(He is in bug-fixing and support division).And more often that not he pronounces these words as if these are some four lettered words!!!!!

So it goes without saying that he is not happy with his job.My guess is the prime reason for being dissatisfied with his job is his salary which is close to 50 % of one of his college day friends of the same branch(for whom he feels like he is best suited for a governmental job!!No pun intended,Reasons i will explain later on).Although one of my close friend draws even less salary(less to such an extent that he is exempted off all the taxes by the Indian government...lucky tax non-paying guys!!!!).To add insult to injury one of M's depmate has got through one of the giant companies in software industry causing him to go through an ic(inferiority complex) although i don't think it's just an ic alone, may be mixed with jealousy as well, who knows!!!! But one thing is sure he feels down abt himself just due to his job(read salary).

Sometimes he does gets (over)optimistic over his salary which is due to go through a hike in May.And says like this "Are pata hai salary double bhee ho saktee hai"(Salary might be doubled as well!!!) but then suddenly he realises his mistake,puts his feet firmly on ground and says nahin yaar 30-40 % se jyada nahin badhega kisi bhee haal mein(No man this f***ing salary is not gonna increase more than 30-40 % in any case).

Sometimes he consoles himself by looking at one of his colleagues in the same company who happens to be 'serving' the company for past 7 years and as proclaimed by Mr. M he draws somewhere around 1 Lakh or so per month as his salary.So sometimes Mr M also thinks "seriously" abt amassing so much "work experience" and finally start enjoying his life after 10 years or so. But At times Mr. M is pissed off to such an extent by the same colleague mentioned before and some of the other guys around him,who also claim to be having so called "2 and half/3 years of industry relevant work experience", that he says ye company na ch***** logon se bhadee pade hai..This f***ing company is full of a**h***s.No body knows anything..Everything happens by chance only...I really don't know how does this company make so much money?? Public wisdom suggests that the CEO of the company will hold an answer to M's query.After all he is the person who runs the show,doesn't he??

This "experience word has also got lots and lots of meanings behind it, at least my personal feelings say so. Believe me or not i have seen guys with 4 years of "industry relvant work experience" who hardly knows anything abt pointers and operating systems!! I guess u need to read between the lines.I will explain this word 'work experience' later on in detail. Although M also aggress with me on this frontier that this IT industry is full of a**h***s and incompetent individuals..And M goes on to add that even Microsoft and Intel has these kind of people, who were just "lucky" to get through.And within a flash he cites an example also,involving one of his colleagues,who has just got through Microsoft pretty recently.

Sometimes we all are talking abt the big guns in the industry and some of our fortunate n previlaged friends working in these companies(off course this list includes me as well!!!).This guy turns philosophical and says like this Sab Moh Maya Hai(everything is delusion only)while trying to put up a brave face in front of us!!!! Although he does "love" his job n company and seems pretty perturbed when we jointly 'criticize' n 'abuse' his company and says like this(with his eyes wide open and hands thrown in air) "Tumko pata hai( Do you know) in storage our company is among the best and there is a "dearth" of good "experienced" guys in this field so better you stay quite and see me after 4 or 5 years!!!!!".

I think one more point i missed out is that due to his fortune/misfortune(which ever is applicable, i leave the decision to the readers) he meets only those guys who are above him(read draw more salary than him). Take for example he met one call centre employee.(I think now a days it's a crime n an offence to pronounce call centres as call centres,Come on centre sounds cheap, doesn't it?U gotta pay some respect to the "ITES" industry!!!!And believe me the guys working in these "call centres" take it on their chin and protest strongly that this is NOT call centre this is BPO, Business Process Outsourcing,u a***h***!!!!!!) .Unfortuantely this call center employee happens to be (again) an "experienced" guy working as a senior manager in one of the BPO firms. This BPO guy draws around 10 Lakh per annum as his salary.M is hugely impressed by his life style and we can see sometimes Mr M fantasizing himself working full time in a BPO firm having a microphone strapped around his ears ansewering the phone-calls.He even tries to "impress/bully" we guys that what are u guys doing in the software industry..Call centre mein jaao..kya mast job hai...No mundane n boring Coding job..nothing...Code likhke kya karoge...etc..etc..just answer few calls and come back....Enjoy!!!But no prize for guessing that these arguments don't cut any ice on us.

Finally in the end all i have to say is that this guy is not worried at all about the kind of job he is gonna/wanna do , the only thing that worries him is 'the' salary so whichever stream/industry pays him the higher salary he will blindly join the same. And he has already put his best foot forward for this.Just nearly one month ago He has become a CAT aspirant and now he is seriously preparing hard for the ultimate test which will help his salary go through "a massive increase". We wish all good luck and success to this frustated soul from IIT KGP presently working in HP and hope that he comes out of CAT 2005 with flying colours.
So that's the story as far as Mr M is concerned.
About others(including myself) in the next blog,

PS: Just 2-3 days ago the highly awaited salary hike has come and despite the (over)optimism shown by M, his employer shows no mercy onto him. But then something is better than nothing and taking this with a touch of philosophy M is happy(at least he pretends to be happy) that his salary has seen a hike of 25%!!!(which is not too less that the maximum hike offered to anyone).

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gr8 post ! Though some very obvious references, willingly or unwillingly , yet coming straight from the heart. please keep posting regularly ..