Friday, September 01, 2006

What a Touching Story !!

Hats off to Jagran for the following piece !!!

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After a long time I came through a really nice piece of hindi literature on web, fully relevant in today's fast-track materialistic rat-race world. After reading it I
really got emotional about my parents and relatives (I am pretty sure you too will feel the same way) who want your time, company more than anything else(Read money).. Believe me I am shaken deep inside because whatever has happened in the aforementioned story, I don't rule out the possibility of happening the same in my family too, if I keep on doing the same thing, whatever I am doing right now(working in the software industry),for the rest of my life.

The story ends like this
Having realized that all through his life He ran, ran and kept on running. But finally when he sees his 'chachi' flying to heaven in a flash, he realizes his mistake and finally just repeats a poem, his chachi used to tell him during his childhood days

Hirla Jhool Ge Sajni
Bihan Hato Pawani

(Oh, my dear, my beloved friend, let's enjoy and have fun, tomorrow is the festival (but you mayn't be alive to witness it !!!)

PS : I am back to my blogging ways :):)