Saturday, March 25, 2006

Attending A South-Indian Marriage

Whenever you think of a marriage(Not your marriage off course!!!) there are only two things that comes into your mind :- One is the different kind of people(read nice good-looking girls) and the other is the delicious food waiting for you...(Ummmmm..That is too tempting...I am already licking my lips on the prospects of attending a marriage back home in September)

But pretty recently I have had a very contrasting experience regarding the marriage but "unfortunately" it was a south-indian marriage(Tough luck south-indian guys!!). And i would love to share my "experience" with you all.

I leave my place Bangalore with my battery fully charged up for the marriage..Ohh marriage..So many people..So many pretty girls to watch out for..Who knows..Apna Bhee Sikka kahin Jam Jaaye..Apna Taaka Phit Ho Jaaye...So I reach the station well before time, take the train and leave for the "destination". Next morning I reach "the" place. Although I have a well-drawn map and complete address of the place where I was supposed to go, but then my geographical skills are so poor that sometimes I am confused whether sun rises in east or west!!

And to beat it all I was supposed to go to a place named as WadaKancheri not WadaKaancheri(Plz Note the subtle difference between the name of places!!!).There is only one letter difference between these two places although they fall on either side of railway station around 20-25 KMs apart. So you take the the bus, you miss the pronunciation(Either your tongue deceived you or your accent didn't come out properly....or You are feeling dizzy...or whatever) and U can be sure that you are in for some serious trouble....You will be in a place which has got "almost" the same name as your desired place but u are only 40-50 KMs away from the place u would have been!!!!

But then God is there to help out poor souls like me.While being in the train I built friendship with a guy who happened to be from the same place as my destination and has been working in Intel for 2-3 years. I was impressed with the knowledge that he possessed about some of the software tools that are used so frequently inside out organization. We had quite some topics to discuss and we hardly slept through the night. In between, he offered an assurance of sorts that I won't be lost on this heaven-on-earth land. So at least now I was certain that I will be able to attend the function in time.

Then comes the food....In our college days we used to take Idli and all the junk stuffs quite fondly...But after coming to south I really doubt whether any one of we north-indians has got still the same liking for Idli and all?? Here u struggle to swallow(swallow is the most appropriate word for these south-indian shits!!!) even a bit of Idli but at the same time you see people finishing off 10-12 idlis in a flash taking it in big gulps as if it's some pious !!

Disclaimer: This piece is meant only to hurt the individuals esepcially the south-indian ones and if your don't feel hurt by the same while still being a south-indian(I think i am talking of a miracle) then feel free to give me the feedback regarding the south indian marriage !!!

This is not finished yet, hope to complete this one very soon. I hope I am done in by my memory as this marriage took place more than 4 years ago. Watch out this space for more